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180 Staff of the General Insurance Industry Gather To Plant Saplings

At Raja Musa Peat Forest Reserve

Kuala Lumpur, 21 October 2014 – The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) celebrated this year’s General Insurance Day with a tree planting event at the Raja Musa Peat Swamp Forest Reserve near Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, with the aim to help revive the wetland ecosystem.

Over 180 staff and eco-enthusiasts from the PIAM Secretariat and its 29 members companies took time off from their weekend schedule to do their bit for Mother Nature and the Environment. They planted 600 samplings over a hectare of peat land area on 11 October 2014.

PIAM Chairman, Chua Seck Guan, said, “The general insurance industry has always celebrated the General Insurance Day by doing something good for the community. This year we are focusing on the Environment which is the cornerstone of all our efforts towards promoting sustainability. The Annual General Insurance Day event is part of the wider celebrations among all the insurance associations of the East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC). Every year a day is set aside during the month of October for all the associations to commemorate General Insurance Day.

Championing environment preservation causes has consistently remained as one of the general insurance industry’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) long-term goals. The tree planting project represents the industry’s efforts to promote a sustainable living environment and to leave a greener footprint for future generations.

“PIAM believes this initiative is an excellent platform for the general insurance industry to play a role in promoting environmental conservation, as well as to inspire the communities around us to pursue a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle,” Chua explained.

“We were very encouraged to see so many enthusiasts and their families, both young and old, working hard under hot weather conditions, all drenched in sweat and covered with mud, to support this initiative. We are certain every bit they do will go a long way in helping to revive the peat swamp forest,” said Mark Lim, CEO of PIAM who mingled freely with the participants.

PIAM supports preserving the unique wetland ecosystem as it plays a significant role in global climate regulations and greenhouse emission. Malaysia has the third largest peat land forest surface area worldwide and peat swamp forests play a key role in preventing global warming.

The tree planting project was held in co-operation with the Global Environment Centre, a Malaysian non-profit organisation established in 1998 to work on environmental issues of global importance.

PIAM is the national trade association of all licensed direct and reinsurance companies for general insurance in Malaysia. Currently, PIAM has 29 member companies.