The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) is hugely inspired by the efforts from United Nation in raising awareness on the issues of climate change.

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The Calculator Link :

United Nations Development Programme :

Video 1 : “Everything is connected to each other”
Video 2 : #RaceToZero
Video 3 : #ClimateChange
Video 4 : State of the Climate in Asia 2020
Video 5 : Scientists are clear on the facts

PIAM Webinar: Climate Emergency – Professor Will Steffen, Australian National University and Councillor, Climate Council Australia “The Anthropocene: Where on Earth are we Going?” and key highlights from IPPC’s latest August 2021 Report.

Article 1:
Weather and climate extremes in Asia killed thousands, displaced millions and cost billions in 2020
Article 2: A guide to degrowth: The movement prioritizing wellbeing in a bid to avoid climate cataclysm
Article 3: Which future do we choose?