The burglary/theft policy covers the insured against loss or damage to the insured property consequent upon actual, forcible and/or violent entry into or exit from the premises, or damage to insured property or to the premises as a result of theft or any attempt threat including armed robbery/hold-up.

Types of insured properties are:-

  • Any person of business with property to the insured whilst kept in the premise that required coverage for stock-in-trade belonging to the insured.
  • Goods held in trust or on commission for which the insured is responsible
  • Furniture, fixture, fittings and utensils
  • Household goods and personal effects


  • Damage occasioned by fire or explosion
  • Theft by insured, members of his family and employees
  • War, strike, riot, civil commotion and kindred risks
  • Radioactive contamination