The history of Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM), i.e. the General Insurance Association of Malaysia, originated from the establishment of various insurance and tariff associations set up in 1885 that played a role as a collective voice of the insurance industry in Malaya and Singapore, shortly after the independence of Malaya in 1957. In June 1961, the Insurance Association of Malaya was formed to maintain tariff discipline, respond to new insurance legislations and promote sound insurance practices. For the first time, an Association was established in Kuala Lumpur to safeguard the country’s general insurance interest.

Subsequently, PIAM was incorporated in 22 February 1982 as a statutory trade association recognised by the Government of Malaysia for all registered insurers who transact general insurance business. Currently, PIAM has 23 member companies comprising 19 direct general insurance and 4 reinsurance companies operating in Malaysia.

Our Mission Statement

To be a Dynamic Trade Association serving the interests of our members by creating a favourable business environment and working closely with all stakeholders to support the initiatives under our National Agenda.

Our Core Values

P  – Professionalism
I   – Industry-focused
A  – Accountability
M – Make a difference

Our Corporate Objectives

  • Articulate One Unified Voice for and on behalf of the industry
  • Create Favourable Business Environment for member companies
  • Promote Image of the industry and its Role in the Economy
  • Educate Consumers on General Insurance Products
  • Foster Public confidence by protecting the interests of Consumers
  • Establish a Sound and Efficient Insurance Infrastructure with Best Practices
  • Raise Professionalism and ensure Standards in Distribution
  • Harmonize Approaches and Solutions to Industry Issues
  • Build a pipeline of talent and profile general insurance as a career of choice
  • Facilitate Information Sharing within boundaries of Competition Act


Striking the right balance between heritage and the evolutionary process of progressing into the future is critical in representing such an iconic brand as the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM). This is the fundamental thought behind the ‘Bold P’. We have highlighted the capital P as a symbolic icon of the association through a fresh and bold visual. It sends a strong message of not only being ‘people oriented’ but also inclusive of the versatile ‘personalities’ embodied by the association.

A square shape with soft edges is visible inside the “P” that aims to communicate the core strength of the association led by strong and yet compassionate leadership.

The subtle curvatures on the icon also represent a fluid circular motion that symbolises constant progression throughout the many facets of the association. Some of which include organisational growth, stability and adaptability through time and changing environments.


PIAM has created a strong identity through the use of colour green in its logo, which is retained in this strong sense of identity. The gradients of tones of the colour green and yellow in the new logo embody the diversity of the industry, its players and the multinational characters of Malaysia.

Growth and vitality, renewal and restoration.
Self-reliance, reliability and dependability.

Helping us to find new ways of doing things.
Relates to clarity of thought and ideas.