Kuala Lumpur, 29 February 2024 – The general insurance industry in Malaysia fully supports the development of Malaysian Standard – Motor Vehicle Aftermarket Smash Repair Requirements (“JSM MS”), anticipated for release by Jabatan Standard Malaysia (“JSM”) in early 2024.

Elevating standards and professionalism

The JSM MS aims to uplift the quality and professionalism of motor vehicle smash repair workshop services by promoting the adoption of best industry practices. It encompasses a comprehensive range of activities, ranging from vehicle body repair and refining to structural repairs, resource and process requirements for workshops engaged in motor vehicle accident repair.

Benefits for consumers and industry

“This standard represents a significant step forward in ensuring quality and safety in vehicle accident repairs,” said Antony Lee, Chairman of General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM). “By establishing clear guidelines and best practices, the JSM MS will benefit both the consumers and the industry as a whole.”

Aligned Regulatory Efforts

Furthermore, the Automotive Engineering Division of Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (“JPJ”) is currently revising its guidelines on vehicle accident repair to ensure quality and safe methods are adopted in compliance with the Road Transport Act 1987.

PIAM’s Commitment

PIAM is optimistic that these regulatory advancements prioritising safety, quality and consumer welfare will elevate the vehicle accident industry to greater heights.

PIAM remains vigilant and will closely monitor these developments and assess their implications on the vehicle accident repair ecosystem.

For more information on JSM MS, visit https://upc.mpc.gov.my






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