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An Evening with the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

For the first time in Malaysia on 27th July 2002, Malaysians will get together for a celebration to pay tribute to the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, as well as the nation as one united family. The “One Nation We Care” event sponsored by Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), Persatuan Insurance AM Malaysia (PIAM) and assisted by National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance and Financial Advisor and (NAMLIFA) and Persatuan Agen-Agen Insuran Jaminan Pendapatan Hidup Melayu Malaysia (JAMIN) and other insurance related associations, is scheduled to be held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Themed “Our Vision For Tomorrow in Nation Building”, the event aims to assemble Malaysians as “One Nation” and to highlight their concern that living as “one” in harmony gives “one” life to the nation we care – A United Bangsa Malaysia.

The elements required for building unity in a nation are unique to each country. Different countries require different formula for building unity – a formula that best suits their environments and are conditioned largely by their historical, political, legal, social, cultural and economic development.

Malaysians, led by our beloved Prime Minister have built a nation out of diverse peoples with differing historical, ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural heritage. Together we share historical experiences and values, feel a common identity and share the same destiny that transcends ethnic bounds without undermining ethnic identity.

In appreciation of the hard work and dedication our leaders have contributed to bring unity and prosperity to the country, the ‘One Nation We Care’ event will be an evening for families to spend time with the Honorable Prime Minister in a carnival-like atmosphere filled with interesting and wholesome activities. There will be tattoos, drummers, school bands, musicals recitals as well as performances by local artistes and celebrities.

As a progressive and caring society, we Malaysians have earned ourselves the good name of being a charitable society that shares and cares for the needy and less fortunate. Malaysians are known to donate generously to charitable organizations and deserving causes in the country as well as to those in need in other countries.

In line with this characteristic of a caring society, the sponsors are doing their part for charity by organizing a Raffles Draw. By donating a minimum of RM2 at the entrance to the One Nation We Care event, visitors will be issued a raffle ticket, which entitles them for the grand draw of an apartment or a car as well as many other fantastic prizes. Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will be donated to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) and the National Cancer Council (MAKNA). The sponsors have pledged to donate a total of RM100,000 to these two organizations.

One of the country’s most fundamental and basic objective and challenges is the achievement of Vision 2020 – to be a developed nation by year 2020. However, as a nation, we also stress development in terms of social cohesion, economic and social justice, political stability, quality of life, social and spiritual values and national pride and confidence. With the country all set to achieve this goal, the ‘One Nation We Care’ event could not be more timely to remind us Malaysians of the importance of unity in building our nation.