Kuala Lumpur, 14 December 2023 – Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM), Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) and Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) in collaboration with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), have released the results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022 (CSS 2022). The findings, particularly within the general industry, revealed notable improvement in the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score, rising from 78 points in 2018 to 84 points in 2022. Based on NielsenIQ’s internal benchmarks, CSI score above 80 points is considered a good performance.

The Customer Service Charter (CSC) was introduced in 2011 to enhance the transparency on the commitment of insurers to provide efficient and high-quality customer service to their customers. The CSS underwent further revisions in January 2018, focusing on four (4) pillars: (1) Insurance Accessibility through Improved Engagement and Services, (2) Building Trust by Understanding the Customer, (3) Providing Timely, Transparent, and Excellent Service to Meet Customer Satisfaction, and (4) Ensuring a Fair, Timely, and Transparent Claims Settlement Process for Peace of Mind.

The survey conducted by NielsenIQ Malaysia aimed to measure customer experiences and assessed the impact of the pandemic on the quality of customer services offered by the insurance and takaful industry. The CSS 2022 had several objectives, including evaluating customer engagement, service delivery in accordance with the CSC, trust levels between customers and the industry, and customer satisfaction with products and services purchased. A total of 4,043 customers participated in the survey, involving 19 general insurance operators.

Key findings from the survey:

  1. General Insurance Achieves Highest Improvements: Despite pandemic challenges, the survey indicates positive trends in the general insurance sector. Notably, the CSI score rose from 78 points in 2018 to 84 points in 2022. The four CSC pillars, including Accessibility (+16 points to 78), Product Suitability (+12 points to 76), Service Efficiency (+9 points to 77), and Claims Transparency (+11 points to 75), demonstrated significant improvements in customer satisfaction. The positive shift in the accessibility pillar signifies a noteworthy change, as now more customers are actively interacting with their insurance providers, accessing information, enquiring, and purchasing through various touchpoints. Online access, particularly, saw a significant improvement, due to heightened digital investments and consumer adoption during the pandemic. Overall, industry performance saw positive shifts in desired CSC outcomes; Responsiveness (+11 points to 82), Trustworthiness (+3 points to 76), Satisfaction (+12 points to 76), and Peace of Mind (+7 points to 79).


  1. Positive Customer Feedback: 76% of general insurance customers convey a positive sentiment about their insurance experience. However, some customers complain about their insurance provider not being responsive and claims processing being slower than what they would have liked. The industry aims to improve customer experience further by reducing waiting time, enhancing transparency, and providing timely updates on claim status.


  1. Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS): The general insurance industry’s NPS experienced a significant upswing, climbing from -9 points in 2018 to a robust +14 points in 2022, signalling increased satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth. Notably, younger customers aged 18-30 years old, the middle-income group (M40) and those in the Eastern region exhibited higher NPS scores. The industry plans to leverage on satisfied customers, by encouraging them to actively share their positive experiences for broader outreach.

First SME Survey Yields Positive Results

The inaugural 2022 survey on Small Medium Enterprise (SME) involving 211 SME customers from 7 insurance and takaful operators, including PIAM and Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA), revealed high satisfaction across the CSC pillars with an NPS score of +14. Key areas for improvement include claim transparency. Pillars scores are Accessibility (82 points), Product Suitability (80 points), Service Efficiency (84 points), and Claim Transparency (68 points).

Positive sentiment from 71% of SME customers underlines the industry’s resilience and efforts to provide good experience to SME customers. The industry will continue to enhance claim transparency and will plan to implement strategies to increase peace of mind to sustain positive customer satisfaction within the SME sector.

Key Drivers Behind CSS 2022 Positive Outcomes

  • Accelerated digitisation and operational efficiency

During the pandemic, accelerated adoption of digital platforms transformed customer onboarding process and claims settlement, enhancing operational efficiency.

A decrease in claims during the pandemic eased the strain on resources and enhanced the customer claims experience, contributing to heightened customer satisfaction.

  • PIAM General Insurers resilience and CSR initiatives

PIAM industry members demonstrated a commendable commitment in supporting policyholders during challenging times, offering premium deferment, discounts, savings, refunds, credit term extensions, and the flexibility of short-term renewals. Plus, complimentary coverage which demonstrated a proactive approach in addressing diverse customer needs. Food and petrol vouchers provided reflected a commitment beyond insurance.

PIAM’s Flood Relief Fund, totalling RM1.13 million, subsidised cleaning costs for vehicles affected by floods, irrespective of whether the policies include flood cover or not. Additionally, 10 PIAM Members played a crucial role in the Perlindungan Tenang Vouchers (PTV) initiative by BNM to subsidise the purchase of Perlindungan Tenang products among the B40 segment, contributing a total of RM301.1 million. This financial support not only helped enhance the public perception of the GI sector but also garnered positive recognition among PIAM’s customer base. These initiatives exemplify PIAM’s social responsibility and the industry’s steadfast dedication to supporting customers during unforeseen challenges.Top of Form

“In challenging times, the insurance industry has shown resilience and a commitment to our policyholders. The CSS 2022 results reflect our efforts to prioritise customer satisfaction and well-being. The decrease in claims, along with innovative relief measures, demonstrates our dedication to serving the community,” commented by Antony Lee, Chairman of PIAM.

  • Awareness of Customer Service Charter (CSC)

Survey results emphasised the need to increase awareness of the CSC among customers, addressing the decline in awareness levels. Key drivers of customer satisfaction include secure handling of personal data and privacy, prompt call centre service, knowledgeable employees and timely query resolution.

In response, the industry has formulated a range of action plans, such as initiatives to heighten awareness of the CSC, enhance initial interactions with customers, redefine the role of agents, invest in key satisfaction drivers, refine claims settlement, and deploy digital solutions to align with customer preferences. Moving forward, the industry will prioritise advancing innovations and technology for a best-in-class experience.Top of Form

Further information regarding CSS 2022 can be obtained at www.piam.org.my


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