Minggu Kesedaran Kewangan (M2K) 2011

The Minggu Kesedaran Kewangan (M2K) 2011, a financial awareness road show organized by Bank Negara Malaysia together with all the industry associations of financial institutions was held from 13th to 16th October 2011 at the Village Mall, Sungei Petani, Kedah.

The M2K showcased talks on financial services and products and also exhibitions which provided free financial advisory services to the public. PIAM together with LIAM took up a booth at the exhibition and provided advisory services. More than 400 free health screening tests were also provided to visitors at the PIAM/LIAM booth during the course of the exhibition. The health screening tests were sponsored by the Kedah Medical Centre, Metro Specialist Centre, Kedah and Pantai Hospital, Sungei Petani.

M2K Road Show, PIAM’s booth with free health checks

Mr. Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk with Mr. Zohrab Chong and Mr. Wong Keat Yeap; members of the YMTT at the Breakfast Talk for Young Managers

Breakfast Talk on “Talents Know No Limit”

The Young Managers Think Tank (YMTT) which is formed under the auspices of the Education/HRD Sub-committee organized a Breakfast Talk on the topic “Talents Know No Limit” which was a motivational talk for young talents conducted by Mr. Jason Lo, the CEO of Tune Talk.

The talk was well attended by young managers from the industry who had the opportunity to share the speaker’s experience and successes in setting up businesses and projects from ground up by leading small teams of young dedicated personnel.

Participation in the UitM Career Fair

As an initiative by the Association to promote careers in the insurance industry and to retain graduates who have completed their insurance studies at institutions of higher learning in the insurance industry, the Association participated in the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Career Fair to promote careers in the insurance industry.

The Career Fair was held from 4th to 6th October 2011 and the Association’s booth at the fair received 561 visitors and collected 95 resumes from the students.

Establishment of Database of Retirees with Specialist Background in the Financial Sector

Consultations have been held with BNM to initiate an exercise to create a database of industry retirees with specialist background in the financial sector as a resource centre to address the talent pool issues faced by the financial services in Malaysia. All industry associations including PIAM have been requested to initially set up their own database which will be consolidated later. A uniform template for collating information of these retired industry experts will be formulated to ease future consolidation into an overall financial services sector database.