1. When was GIIFT established?

The Strategic Review of PIAM conducted in year 2014 showed that a talent pipeline is critical for the development of the General Insurance industry in Malaysia. The much needed inflow of human capital resources cannot be established overnight and requires a sustained and committed effort by all stakeholders concerned.

PIAM launched the General Insurance Internship for Talent (GIIFT) on 1 July 2015 with the support of all its member companies.

2. What program does GIIFT offer?

GIIFT offers a 12-16 week internship programme for all Malaysian undergraduates who will be attached to the general insurance and reinsurance companies in Malaysia.

A 3 day Induction Course precedes the actual internship before the interns are assigned to the companies.  The interns will be briefed on the overall landscape, regulatory environment, market performance and key issues facing the industry. The interns will also learn soft skills on effective communications, problem-solving and group dynamics etc.

3. How is GIIFT different from other internship opportunities?

GIIFT is an awareness enhancing program to reach out and profile the industry to the pool of young talent at our universities. The objective is to showcase the rich and varied career opportunities in the world of General insurance by exposing interns to short internships at the various PIAM member companies. This will enable them to gain an insight of General insurance as a global and dynamic industry to work in.

One of the key features of GIIFT is that a mentor is assigned to guide the interns throughout the internship duration. At the end of the internship, the interns will do a short presentation on an assigned project to the Senior Management of the companies they are attached to.

4. How many GIIFT intakes will there be in a year?

There will be at least 2 intakes each year with about 20 to 30 interns per intake.

5. From what study disciplines does GIIFT accept applicants?

All disciplines, except courses which require the interns to comply with specialist training or learning objectives like Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Science etc.

Participating companies will review and select the applicants and discipline based on their needs.

6. How does GIIFT determine which companies the selected interns are placed at?

We will match the intern’s field of studies with the companies’ requirements whenever possible. A member company may host more than one intern depending on the match and capacity of the company.

7. Who will conduct the interview? What can I expect from the interview?

The host company’s HR and/or mentor will meet with and interview the prospective intern. Interviews are conducted in English. The interview allows the host company to evaluate the applicant’s aptitude, personality factors and communications skills first hand.

8. Where can I find more information about GIIFT?

Relevant information on GIIFT can be found on our website at www.piam.org.my

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