Engineering Insurance

Engineering insurance refers to the insurance that provides economic safeguard to the risks faced by the ongoing construction project, installation project, and machines and equipment in project operation. Product categories: Depending on the project, it can be divided into construction project all risks insurance and installation project all risks insurance; depending on the attribute of the object, it can be divided into project all risks insurance, and machinery breakdown insurance.


  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance

 This policy covers the sudden and unforeseen damage to the insured machinery, plant or equipment whilst either at work or at rest and during the cleaning, maintenance, overhauling, inspection or removal to another position within the premises. It will exclude gradual damage and loss from any cause which is foreseeable.


This policy compliments the machinery breakdown policy by providing cover for resultant loss arising from material damage claim. It also covers the loss of profits from the damaged covered under the machinery breakdown policy.


This policy covers explosion or collapse of the insured plant including damage (other than fire) to the property belonging to the insured. It also includes liability at law for damage in respect of bodily injury to any person not arising out of/on in the course of employment of such person in the service of the insured and damage to third party property which is caused by explosion or collapse.


This is an all risks policy covering any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to contract works, construction plant, an equipment and/or construction machinery from any cause whilst at site during the period of insurance unless specifically excluded under the policy.


This policy covers loss or damage to the contract works, predominately erection of machinery coupled with testing, including legal liability to third parties, arising out of the performance of the contract. Certain exclusions can be extended subject to the payment of additional premium.


Loss compensation

  • Material loss: the insured project loss caused by any accidents or natural disasters except the exclusions.
  • The third party liability: according to law, the insured shall assume the compensation liability for the personal injury or property damage to the third party in construction sites and adjacent areas caused by the accident that directly relates to the insured project.
  • Exclusions: engineering design, construction technology error, construction material quality defects, mechanical damage of machinery and equipment that happens without external momentum.

Special clause

More than 40 special clauses are available on the basis of risk assessment and payment of additional expenses, including clauses in respect of strike, riot, and civil commotion, limited liability insurance period clause, extended liability guarantee period clause, special fee clause, clause in respect of buildings and tunnels in earthquake region.